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Welcome to M.P Green Solutions

MP Green Solutions is proud to be associated with GXT Green, as their exclusive distributor of ECOGRADE™ Photo degradable bags in India. This association will focus on the environmental friendly initiative which highlights specialized eco-friendly products and services which will lessen the impact on environment compared with the old technology set-up which continues to be used across the globe.
Plastic, paper and reusable bags are a part of our everyday life and are being used for a long time, without evaluation of their environmental performance and contribution. So it is time to examine the future and take necessary measures for a positive impact on the environment today and for generations to come. So this is a joint effort of GXT Green and MPGS to execute green environmental strategies to offer and introduce eco-friendly GXT Green ECOgrade™ Photo degradable shopping bags.
We aim at creating a positive impact on the environmental situation, by introducing products that help the communities demonstrate the environmental benefits of these new products and meet their economic and social sustainability needs by moving on to these new, better and environmental friendly innovations. Considering we live in an ever-changing environment, thus it becomes our duty to be responsible towards nature and at the same time use economical products as it is becoming increasingly difficult using traditional methods, to protect and contribute towards a healthier environment. The ECOgrade™ Photo degradable shopping bags are tested, certified and derived from the highest quality projects around the world.
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